Armadale Salmon Fishers


Armadale Salmon Fishers documents a season of bag net sea fishing for wild Scottish salmon on the North Coast of Sutherland. Father and son James and Neil Mackay are the third generation owners of the Armadale Salmon Fishing Station.

A once thriving industry and an important employer of local men in remote villages in Scotland, salmon fishing is one of Scotland's oldest industries with the first rights to fish being granted by the Crown in the twelfth century.

The return of wild salmon from the sea following the coast to their natal rivers has sustained life in Scotland for thousands of years and apart from modern materials, bag net fishing, as practised at Armadale, has not changed for two centuries.

The director of Armadale Salmon Fishers, Stephen Macmillan, was born in the Highlands of Scotland and his grandfather was a salmon fisher. He returned in 2011 to document a declining but important part of Scotland's cultural history.

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